0.5mm Waterproof Roof Breathable Membrane Material Cost For Ceilings And Roofing

0.5mm Waterproof Roof Breathable Membrane Material Cost for undoline Ceilings and Roofing The air-tightness and water-tightness of the building also allow the enclosure structure and indoor moisture to be exhausted. To achieve energy saving, improve building durability, and ensure indoor air quality.

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0.5mm Waterproof Roof Breathable Membrane Material Cost for Ceilings and Roofing




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Breathable membrane

Elongation at break100 (%)

Bending strength

National standard
Compressive strengthNational standard
Bending strengthNo cracks
Tensile Strength

National standard

Tear strength60N





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PP waterproof membrane
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20 years Breather membranes

   Breather membrane

Roof membrane

Breathable membrane for walls is a protective film laid on the outside of the building’s insulation layer to strengthen.

The air-tightness and water-tightness of the building also allow the enclosure structure and indoor moisture to be exhausted.

To achieve energy saving, improve building durability, and ensure indoor air quality.



Advantage for breathable membrane for shed:


The specific principle is briefly described as follows.
      1.1 Strengthening the air-tightness and water-tightness of the building has proved that no matter what kind of facade shape is used type, or roof laying form, can not guarantee the airtightness of the enclosure structure.
    For exterior walls, plastering cracks are unavoidable, and the lap joints of siding are difficult to be tight, and simple masonry blocks are even more unable to achieve "impermeable walls".
    These problems are more prominent in the yin and yang corners of the building, overlaps, and around doors and windows. by

    These non-closed pores, airflow and water vapor can invade the enclosure structure, thereby affecting the building

    The energy consumption, durability and comfort of buildings have a serious impact.

roof waterproof coating

     1.1.1 Building energy consumption
— Rain water and water vapor that invades the enclosure structure with the airflow will reduce the effective thermal resistance of the insulation layer value, which leads to more energy consumption.
Of course, the influence of water vapor on different insulation materials,  there is a difference.
— The intrusive airflow will form a convective circulation inside the building envelope, which will also reduce

The effective thermal resistance of the insulation layer leads to more energy consumption.

Similarly, airflow protects different, the influence of warm materials is different.
— The air intrusion into the room, people will have

Use larger HVAC equipment to compensate for heat/energy loss, thereby increasing the building energy consumption.

      1.1.2 The water vapor invading the interior of the building durability will cause cavities in the wall

Form water vapor condensation, accelerate the aging of building materials, such as the corrosion of steel and wood decay, which has a serious impact on the durability of the building.

      1.1.3 Building comfort-the intrusion of airflow will affect the thermal comfort of the room

Adverse impacts;-bring pollutants deposited on different building components and from building

Materials or outdoor radiation, which affects indoor air quality


     The water vapor inside the building envelope creates conditions for the condensation of the envelope structure, Leading to the formation of mold, thus affecting indoor air quality and the health of residents ring.

     Breathable membrane for insulation  can be seen that strengthening the airtightness and watertightness of buildings is crucial to building energy conservation and environmental protection important.


    The vapor permeable membrane used in the general waterproof vapor permeable membrane is a composite

Hot melt adhesive can easily block the micropores during the process, resulting in inability to vaporize or excessive stretching

The increase of the micropores causes the material to leak, and the material loses its own steam and waterproof function.

    Waterproof and vapor-permeable membrane, adding a hydrophilic group to the polymer vapor-permeable membrane, through the hydrophilic

The hydrophilic nature of the cluster prevents water droplets from penetrating but water vapor can penetrate freely, ensuring the product

    The stability of its own vapor-permeable and waterproof performance and durability of service life. Use no glue-heat composite technology, the microporous breathable membrane will not be blocked at all, and the air permeability is greatly improved.

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