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Its principle is to disperse dyes made by sublimation ink digital direct injection machine low energy sublimation printing, in the special treatment of polyester fabric, by heating (180-210 degrees Celsius), image printing to chemical fiber cloth and other materials can be within 5-20 seconds will be complex, multicolor, and color fastness and direct production a finished printing cloth, suitable for the increasing requirements of environmental protection and fast production needs.

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The advantages of direct sublimation print fabric

Sublimation fastness, straight spray washing degree reaches 4.5 or more, then the traditional transfer paper. By the way, with more high-quality pictures and more sharp edge effect; environmental protection, do not need to use the transfer paper, saving resources, reducing the impact on the environment; increase the convenience of operation, to avoid due to move, transfer paper folding, twisting error.


Main applications of sublimation direct print fabric:


Outdoor advertising, fabric banner, shopping mall advertising, banner ads, display ads and sponsored campaigns.

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