Faux Skin Imitation PU Synthetic Artificial Leather For Laser Mirror Handbag Shoes

Faux Skin Imitation PU Synthetic Artificial Leather for Laser Mirror Handbag Shoes main purpose: Shoes, gloves, wallets, bags, clothing

Product Details

 pu Faux Leather


Faux Skin Imitation PU Synthetic Artificial Leather for Laser Mirror Handbag Shoes

Typeskin leather
Width1.37-1.4m    (52 - 54inch)


imitation leather
RankClass A
Roll long50m    1-49 yards, above 50 yards, above 1000 yards

imitation leather

ColorVarious for choice, No. 10 silver, variegated
AliasPlain laser mirror
Export experience

20 years

Main area

Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East

BrandNeutral, or Derflex, or OEM

Product category

Window sticker vinyl film

Shoes, gloves, wallets, bags, clothing


Faux Leather PU leather
Composition is polyurethane
Features: rich colors, various patterns, soft touch, easy to peel off

 Synthetic leather

PU Faux Leather Widely used in:

luggage, bag, Pants, Jacket, Wallet, Shoes, Boots, packaging, table paper etc.

Popular trend, specially in styles of dress and ornament of manners of behavior


 artificial leather

artificial leather PVC leather

The composition is polyvinyl chloride;
Features: abrasion resistance, strong dried meat, polyester absorbent, easy to bond, easy to paint, low price, more than 5 years warranty


 Synthetic leather advantages:

 Quality Assurance
 After layers of screening, strict standards
 Delicate texture
 The texture is neat and clear, elegant and fashionable
 Abrasion and compression
 The fabric has a flexible skin feel, and the texture is always new
 Variety of colors
 Suitable for different matching needs, the best choice
 Bright and full color, various types

pu Synthetic leather


PU artificial leather  Why Derflex:

 pu artificial leather


 Services :

 Samples:Free pu Synthetic leather samples available, at customer's DHL account

 Quality Guarantee: Any quality problem during guarantee period would be solved ASAP.

 Familiar with market hot items,  also new products updated for you

 Further questions pu skin leather welcome to contact Derflex!


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