Fluorescent Phosphorescent Film And Luminous Tape For Glow In The Dark

Fluorescent Phosphorescent Film and Luminous Tape for Glow in the Dark Application range: Cut the light-emitting film into different shapes, suitable for use in the following places 1. Marking position: pasted on the surface of the following positions such as electrical switches and remote control surfaces Board, wall switch, plug, socket, lock, flashlight, door handle, armrest, Fire extinguishing equipment, fire alarms, life-saving appliances, etc., can indicate their location, easy to use; 2. Safety mark: Adhere to the following position to play a safety warning function such as emergency Evacuation passages, subway stations, underground passages, civil air defense projects, karaoke halls, songs Dance halls, cinemas, supermarkets, hospitals, railway stations, airports, terminals, etc.

Product Details

Fluorescent Phosphorescent Film and Luminous Tape for Glow in the Dark

Phosphorescent film


Fluorescent Phosphorescent Film and Luminous Tape for Glow in the Dark
Namefluorescent tape
Custom processing Yes can customize
TypeReflective film

Weather resistance

Colour Whitish
SeriesLuminous film, photoluminescent tapes
Operating temperature


Specification1.24x45.7m whole roll
Small Specification31CM*45.7m, 60CM*45.7m, 50CM*10m, 40cm*5m etc.
Export experience

20 years


None, Derflex, or OEM

SampleA4 free

Needed for sample

Address, and your DHL company account No.
After-sale serviceIn time

   Phosphorescent luminescent tape film

Note when using Luminous film:
1. The construction should be done on a flat surface, and the construction temperature should be 10~40℃.
2. The light-emitting film can be cut into various shapes and directly attached to a certain place (such as telephone, open Guan, etc.) play a role in decoration and instruction.

3. Screen printing patterns and texts on the surface of the luminescent film to form a base for luminescence.
4. When sticking to the surface of the object, the surface of the object should be cleaned first, and the surface cannot There is oil, dust, etc.

5. The luminescent film has a certain degree of thermal expansion and contraction, and the sliced luminescent film cannot Place it at will, clamp it or place heavy objects to prevent deformation and curling.
6. When using, remove the release paper from the back of the luminescent film, and add a certain amount of Apply the pressure to the surface of the processed object evenly, and pay attention to the good fit at the corners.

7. The same type of luminescent film will have a certain color difference in order to ensure the brightness of different batches.
8. The light-emitting film roll material may have a joint.
9. Tie the unused luminous film (roll) as tight as possible.

fluorescent tape

The viscosity of Phosphorescent film is particularly good for printing labels in printing plants and then used in car tire decals and matte surface decals.

The tire rubber self-adhesive material selected by our factory adopts advanced coating compound technology,
the surface is specially treated, and the quality reaches the level of similar foreign products.

Photoluminescent and luminescent adhesive tape

Packaging and storage Phosphorescent luminescent tape film:
1. Packaging: In roll or sheet form, external plastic film packaging.
2. Storage Photoluminescent and luminescent adhesive tape:    

    Should be stored in a ventilated, dry, and cool warehouse at a temperature

    The temperature is 10~40℃, and the relative humidity is less than 70%.


Luminous film

     Luminescent tape Main performance:
1.  The luminous film made of PVC film can be used for printing and spray painting.
2.  It has certain resistance to salt water and detergent (detergent can be used for cleaning).
3.  It has excellent heat and cold resistance and can be used in the environment of -20~50℃.
4.  The luminescent film has good physical and mechanical properties.
5.  The luminous film is instant-sticking and can be attached to the surface of general objects.

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