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PVC frontlit banner material is used to make the front light source light box; the transmission rate is generally between 5-10%. Frontlit banner is the most popular outdoor material which is mostly used as outdoor signs, for example, Building signs, high speed roadside billboard, city billboard, etc.

PVC frontlit banner manufacturer

PVC frontlit banner

PVC frontlit manufacturer

PVC frontlit

PVC frontlit banner material manufacturer

frontlit banner material

Main products:

Part Number




Fabric 1000*1000 20*20,  510gsm/ 15 OZ



Fabric 1000*1000 18*18,  440gsm/ 15 OZ



Fabric 500*500 28*28,    440gsm/ 13 OZ 



Fabric 500*500 9*9,      440gsm/ 13 OZ  super flat (hot)



Fabric 500*500 9*9,      440gsm/ 13 OZ  High yarn (cold)



Fabric 1000*1000 9*9     440gsm/ 13 OZ



1. Building signs

It’s the print advertisement outside the building wall, regularly appears outside the Residential quarters, the shopping malls, etc.

PVC frontlit banner supplier

PVC frontlit banner for Building signs

PVC frontlit supplier

PVC frontlit for Building signs

frontlit banner material supplier

frontlit banner material for Building signs

2. high speed roadside billboard

High speed road side billboard is one of the best effective ways to show the product or service to customers. 

PVC frontlit banner wholesale

PVC frontlit banner for road side billboard

PVC frontlit wholesale

PVC frontlit for road side billboard

frontlit banner material wholesale

frontlit banner material for road side billboard

3. city billboard

The utility model of city billboard has the advantages of attractive appearance, strong attraction and service for different customers at different times.

PVC frontlit banner supply

PVC frontlit banner for city billboard

PVC frontlit supply

PVC frontlit for city billboard

frontlit banner material supply

frontlit banner material for city billboard

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