Inflatable PVC Tarpaulin

PVC Coated Tarpaulin Tarpaulin; PVC coated fabric (flexible pipes and siphons) DERFLEX product PVC tarpaulin has the following characteristics: 1. to prevent mildew; 2. To prevent discoloration outdoor aging (anti-UV and UV light); 3. Excellent weld ability, very durable coating The excellent...

Product Details

Inflatable castle is a castle for the appearance of inflatable play equipment, the use of environmentally friendly, soft and other characteristics of the material produced by the children to play. Because of its lovely, unique shape by the children's favorite. Inflatable castle, Castle, inflatable trampoline, etc..

Applicable scope: small amusement park, park, square, shopping mall, supermarket at the intersection of Cultural Festival, temple fairs, exhibitions and activities of infants and young children delicacy Festival Beach Culture Festival, a large community, kindergarten, playground, animation world, theme park, carnival.

Raw PVC tarpaulin for inflable castle characters:

  1. auto-clean

  2. waterproof ;No leakage

  3. no fading; loong outdoor lifetime;

  4. no toxic

  5. good tear and tensile stength;

Inflatable Pvc coated Tarpaulin
kids Inflatable Pvc Tarpaulin material

Inflatable Pvc material
Inflatable Pvc lonas

PVC roll production time: 20 workdays

MOQ: 40 rolls at each width

Packaging: craft paper

DERFLEX PVC coated fabric factory supply, kindly contact us for more information.


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