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Chinese DERFLEX PVC Ceiling Film Distributor

Oct 17, 2019

Derflex PVC stretch ceiling film manufacturered Features:


Specific characteristics of different kinds of PVC ceiling stretch film

Glossy PVC stretch ceiling film : It has a strong light sensation and can produce a mirror-like reflection effect, such as the use of water ripple effects that can show the mind in the water area.

Light-transmissive film: This product is milky white, translucent and soft. The light transmittance in the enclosed space is 75 %, which produces a perfect and unique lighting decoration effect.

Satin film: the light is second only to the smooth surface, the overall effect is pure, high-grade, such as 50% light transmission effect in the closed space.

glossy PVC stretch ceiling film

Whale leather surface: The surface is fluffy, the overall effect is high-grade, gorgeous, and has excellent sound-absorbing performance, which can create a warm and comfortable effect.

Metal surface film: It has a strong metallic texture and can produce metallic light, which has a strong viewing effect.

PVC ceiling stretch film

Basic film: The earliest type of soft film, its material is fine and dark matt, and the overall effect is elegant and beautiful. Can be replaced

Other traditional ceilings are used in large areas.

Punching surface: There are various apertures for ¢1mm, ¢4mm, ¢10mm, etc. Good ventilation and help to circulate indoor air. 

And the small holes can be arranged into the desired pattern as required. Has a strong display effect.

 PVC stretch ceiling film manufacturers

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