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Clear Plastic Table Cover Protector Custom PVC Tablecloth Manufacturers & Suppliers From China

Oct 10, 2019

DERFLEX is a professional Clear PVC Vinyl & PVC Tarpaulin Fabric Manufacturer & Supplier from China for 16years.

Our hot selling product Clear PVC Vinyl Table Cover has good flexibility, shockproof, anti-slip, non-adhesive, heat resisting, oil protection, easy to wash, waterproof and Washable.

Clear PVC table cover


  1. Good tearing strength, anti-crash, anti-cold, anti-mildew

  2. Heat resisting

  3. Oil protection

  4. Production control to make stable tarpaulin products

  5. No shrinkage, medium color, easy application

Application: Window, Door, Curtain, Tablecloth, Cover protector and Decoration Film.

Any qustion welcome to inquire with me.