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Fabric Base Wall Paper Self Adhesive Wall Cloth Manufacturers & Suppliers In China

Aug 11, 2019

DERFLEX  is a professional Wide format Fabric base Wall Paper Self Adhesive Wall  Cloth Manufacturers & Suppliers in China for  16years.

We  have all kinds of Fabric base Wall Paper material, such as  Self Adhesive Wall Cloth, Fine  Lines Canvas, Art Canvas, Polyester Wall Fabric, Gloden Wall Fabric, Silver Wall  Fabric, applications  for Indoor decoration, Living Room, Bedroom, Children's Room, TV Wall, Display  Wall, Background etc.  

Self adhesive wall cloth

Fabric base Wall paper

Wall  Cloth Feature as below.

1.   White substrate for digital print

2.   Self adhesive, easy to install

3.   Quick to absorb ink and be dry, excellent color expression

4.   Waterproof and mildew resistant

Any question welcome to inquire with us.