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Food Grade TPU Tarpaulin Material For Water Tank

Sep 10, 2019

DERFLEX  is a professional TPU / PVC  Tarpaulin & Coated Fabric Manufacturer & Supplier from China for  16years.

We  develop new Food Grade TPU Tarpaulin Material For Water  Tank, top quality and high-grade material to all your fuel storage and  containment needs.

TPU material

Product  features:
1) Water resistance: steady performance and impervious to  water under the pressure of water.
2) Stability:
A. Temperature  stability: maintain the original performance under certain temperature  changes.
B. Atmospheric stability:  resist aging and resist erosion  under the long-term comprehensive effects of sunlight, heat, oxygen, and other  chemically eroding media and microbial erosion media.
3) Crack  resistance:  not breaking under the load stress and deformation conditions  within the allowable range of the building structure.
4) Flexibility:  easy construction, not embrittlement.

water bag

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