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Glow In The Dark Vinyl Sticker PVC Printable Photoluminescent Film For Safety Signs

Aug 16, 2019

The photoluminescent film is processed by rare earth element activation and alkaline earth aluminate, silicate and acrylic materials. It is non-toxic, non-radioactive and stable in chemical properties.

photoluminescent film(1)


Performance characteristics: The luminous condition of the luminous film is very low. When the ordinary fluorescent lamp is used as the light source, when the light intensity is 25LX, it can be used as the light source.

The light intensity of a typical building can reach 500-600LX. Therefore, sunlight, general illumination, and indoor environment reflection can be used as excitation sources.

In addition, the product has good printability and computer scribing performance.

photoluminescent film(2)


Application: Fire safety sign, ship safety sign. General orientation, indication, identification mark.

Years of use: indoors for twenty years, outdoor for seven years.

photoluminescent film


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