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High Quality Advertising Billboard Magnetic Sticker Rolls

Aug 09, 2019

Magnetic stickers are an innovative advertising display solution that perfectly solves the problems of high transportation costs, time-consuming installation, time-consuming and high labor costs for installations that require large-scale replacement of images. The surface of this product can be quickly replaced and installed by the clerk without installation experience, without the need for professional and professional training.

Magnetic sticker(1)


It's no longer as cheap as traditional photo paper, so it's easy to stick to the picture and it's thick and high-end! The balanced magnetic adsorption screen is flat, no more framing of the picture occurs, letting you say goodbye to the troubles of photo blistering!

Seamlessly splicing, splitting the large screen into small pieces, repeating the paste, and seamlessly stitching seamlessly. In theory, support unlimited size screens!

 Magnetic sticker(2)

Magnetic sticker(3)


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