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PVC Coated Tarpaulin For Chicken Farm Dropping Belt

Oct 15, 2019

PVC coated fabric suppliers Derflex’s heavy duty PVC coated canvas fabric are the lightest plastic tarps, but they are designed for demanding applications. Its performance is superior to ordinary tarpaulin under various climatic conditions.

PVC tarpaulin features:

Anti-sunlight exposure

Waterproof, friction resistant

Edge heat sealing machine

 PVC coated canvas fabric

It is widely used in automobile tarpaulin, train cover cloth, ship cover cloth, open cargo yard cover, industrial and agricultural fields, etc.; used in glass factory, wood factory, chemical fertilizer factory, steel structure factory, mechanical hardware factory, feed factory, food Warehousing, container plants, refineries, packaging plants, paper products, air-conditioning plants, logistics companies, ore plants, fleets, railways, shipping, pig farms, chicken manure conveyor belts, etc.

 PVC coated fabric suppliers

PVC coated fabric china has excellent mildew resistance, obvious water resistance, waterproof compared with other canvas, good low temperature softness, high strength, strong pulling force and relatively light; it is widely used, such as foreign trade, grain storage, oil field, dock, tent , drilling tower clothing, railway road transportation, warehousing,

Canvas products such as coal mines and open-air yards.

 PVC coated fabric china


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