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Twill Adhesive PVC Vinyl Flooring Protective Film

Sep 06, 2019

PVC self adhesive floor film has the following three advantages:


(1) Waterproof: For example, wood flooring, in general, wood flooring is very worried about the mildew caused by water. When the workers are decorating, it will inevitably have some dust and water, but the PVC material is waterproof, so you can also Don't worry that water will flow through the membrane into the wooden floor.

 PVC floor film(1)

(2) Super wear-resistant: PVC material, strong flexibility, not easy to tear, not easy to leave scratches.

PVC floor film(2)


(3) Buffering and shock absorption: The decoration debris that falls off, our PVC ground protection film can play a buffering role. Generally speaking, the impact and damage of the dropped items are extremely strong, which will inevitably damage the floor or the tile. A protective film is placed on the ground to provide effective cushioning and reduce damage.

PVC floor film(3)

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