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One-way vision vinyl is a black and white PVC laminated by attachment of pressure-sensitive adhesive and release paper good advertising materials, suitable for glass surface posted windows, glass doors and windows, glass curtain wall or vehicles, both use the sun, and the effect of advertising.

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Perforated vinyl

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one-way vinyl

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Main application of perforated vinyl:

1. Bus shelters, exhibition centers, telephone booths, conference centers, and glass walls all over the place.

2, bus, taxi rear window, large senior business car, subway, freight car body advertising.

3, fast-food restaurants, chain restaurants, gas stations, department stores, supermarkets, banks, lounges, hotels, motels, small retail stores, etc.;

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Perforated vinyl for windows graphics

one-way vinyl supplier

one-way vinyl for windows graphics

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printable perforated vinyl for windows graphics

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Perforated vinyl for advertising

one-way vinyl wholesale

one-way vinyl for windows graphics

printable perforated vinyl wholesale

printable perforated vinyl for windows graphics

Compared with other advertising materials, the advantages of single pass paste are mainly reflected in the following points:

1, the quality of single pass paste is the obvious advantage of looking out from the car does not affect the car personnel (especially drivers) line of sight. Single transparent paste is good, its transmission rate can reach 5 to 5 (50% light transmittance), and transparent glass before posting rate is the same, but the effect is different, in the post one side through, you can see a beautiful picture of the advertising picture. In this way, not only beautify the appearance of the city, but also increase the advertising effect.

2, the advantages of single penetration are far more expensive than the sun film. The solar film becomes very hot, brittle and prone to edge under the sun. Of course, one can not only through the effect of shading the sun after one side through a small aperture, the light has become very soft, plus it can be part of lighting (more than ten times, strong sun film) everyone sitting in the car can feel, than the sun posted single through film view more clearly and feel cooler.