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polyester canvas is a coating on a specific cloth base to prevent oil, solvent, water and other penetration coating foundation, used to draw oil paintings of cloth. Used to spray, photo, indoor and outdoor advertising, light boxes, such as coated cloth, also known as oil canvas.

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Character of digital printing polyester textile

1, smooth, gloss, texture, the fastness of the coating, pinhole, crimp, water, oily and water adsorption of dye and pigment ink infiltration effect, inkjet printing resolution.

2, some indoor and outdoor advertising, lamp boxes, cloth and other requirements of substrate strong, coating weather resistance.


Printable polyester canvas textile is mainly used in wedding, personal photo, a copy of a painting, interior decoration, exhibition layout, merchandise display background, lintel, shutter, store signage, company brochures, posters, outdoor advertising, light box.

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