Portable Fish Tarpulin Pond Liner

Portable Fish Tarpulin Pond Liner Fine workmanship High-strength base cloth Waterproof coating safe and non-toxic Pull-resistant Strong bearing capacity Waterproof and leakproof Wear and scratch resistance

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Portable Fish Tarpulin Pond Liner

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Mobile Reinforced Tarpaulin Fish Ponds


Portable Fish Tarpulin Pond Liner
NameFish Pond Cloth
Product materialPVC knife coated cloth
FeaturesQuick installation, anti-leakage, sun protection, tear resistance, long-lasting cold and high temperature resistance, convenient sewage discharge, suitable for fish  farming, etc.
ForceUniform force on the round bracket, Collapsible Tarpaulin Material
Export to

Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Middle East

AssemblyConnect the first position and tighten the screws.


Used in

for fish farming, shrimp breeding and other aquaculture etc.

Manufacturer20 years Fish Pond Tarpaulin Liners


Portable Fish Pond

Tarpulin fish Pond Liner

# Galvanized sheet support for stable load bearing without pressure
The galvanized sheet is fastened with screws at the end and end, with

strong corrosion resistance, high strength, small deformation, and no cracks

# Convenient sewage outlet
Valve port at the bottom, convenient and easy to replace drain

# Knife scraping cloth material
High strength, good ductility, strong flexibility, oxidation resistance, severe cold resistance

Collapsible Tarpaulin Material

Portable Fish Pond Manufacturer for 20 years

Derflex Tarpaulin FactoryPVC tarpaulin features


Samples: Free Tarpaulin Fish Pond samples available, at customers ’DHL account

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