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PC Board 1. OEM service can be offered 2. Stock size(width and length): 915mm*1830mm, 1220mm*2440mm Specification Technician Data PC sheet Performance (1) Higher intensity (2) Excellent chemical resistance (3) Good heat resistance and weatherability (4) Good processing behavior (5) Light weight,...

Product Details

PC Board
 1. OEM service can be offered
 2. Stock size(width and length): 915mm*1830mm, 1220mm*2440mm


natural(transparent),brown,white,other    colors can be customized




Max 2100mm


can be any customized

Stock size(width and length)


Technician Data

     Shore hardness ( HD )


Tensile strength

Horizontal ≥ 54 MPa, vertical ≥ 54

Bending strength

Horizontal:70 MPa, vertical:80 MPa

Tensile Elongation at Break

Horizontal ≥ 50% , vertical ≥ 50%

Heating rate of dimensional change (140    °C, 40min)

Horizontal ± 3 % , vertical l± 3%

 PC sheet Performance
 (1) Higher intensity 
 (2) Excellent chemical resistance 
 (3) Good heat resistance and  weatherability 
 (4) Good processing behavior 
 (5) Light weight, good sound  insulation 
 (6) Good electric insulation 
 (7) Good extension, dimensional  stability 
 (8) Good anti-impact, heat-resistant  distortion performance 
 (9) Good transparency, high refractive  index, resistance to ultraviolet radiation 
 (10) Has self-extinguishing, flame  retardant, non-toxic, can be colored and other characteristics
(11) Can be subjected to steam, cleaners,  heating and a large dose of radiation sterilization

PC sheet Application
 (1) Shade canopy 
 (2) Outdoor lighting 
 (3) Equipment enclosure 
 (4) Glasses, plastic lenses 
 (5) Nameplate and borders 
 (6) Medical equipment parts  
 (7) Automotive exterior parts
 (8) Brake and structural parts 
 (9) Decoration, advertising signs 
 (10) Non-automotive class window

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