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PVC stretch ceiling film, also known as Smallpox soft film , stretch cloth , has become the preferred material of ceiling materials. Chemical characters: B1 soft film ceiling material : nano pvc. A grade fireproof piamater ceiling material: special treatment of glass fiber and fluorine resin and...

Product Details

PVC stretch ceiling film,  also known as Smallpox soft film, stretch cloth, has become the preferred material of ceiling materials.

Chemical characters: 

B1 soft film ceiling material: nano pvc.

A grade fireproof piamater ceiling material: special treatment of glass fiber and fluorine resin and vinylon fiber.


1. Gloss film: Soft film has a strong light perception, can produce a mirror like reflection effect.

2. optical filming: Soft film, this product is milky white, translucent. In the enclosed space, the light transmission effect can reach more than 75%. Can produce uniform, soft, perfect, unique lighting decorative effect.

3. Matt film: Soft film, light perception is second only to glossy surface, but stronger than basic film. Overall effect is pure, high-grade.

4. whale leather texture: The soft film surface assumes the velvet shape, has the outstanding sound-absorbing property. It is easy to create a warm interior effect.

5. metal surface: The soft film has a strong metallic texture and produces light like metals. It has a strong ornamental effect.

6. Pearlite face:  Soft film with pearl light perception, giving a noble space effect.

7. Dream face:  The soft film has a rainbow like color changing effect that allows you to see different color effects at any angle.

8. Porous surface: Soft is ¢1mm, ¢4mm, ¢10mm and other alternative aperture. Good ventilation performance, to help the indoor air circulation. The small holes can be arranged according to the required patterns. It has a strong display effect.

9. basic film: Lower than the original type of soft film ceiling, the lowest price. The surface is similar to the ordinary paint effect. Suitable for economical decoration.

10. glass film: Glass film is pure transparent film, the effect is equivalent to glass. Various complicated and beautiful shapes can be realized.

11. Print film: It is a kind of transparent material. The design and color are better in light transmission. It can also customize the design, pattern and color according to the needs of customers. It can show your personality more.

12: Satin film: The surface has a small line, light perception is second only to the smooth surface, and the overall effect is pure and high-grade.

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TEN characteristics of PVC ceiling film

  1. Flame Retardant

  2. energy saving

  3. Biocontrol

  4. waterproof

  5. colorful

  6. interactive

  7. easy to install

  8. aging resistent

  9. Safe and environmental protection

  10. Acoustics effect


*This administration, office buildings, commercial office building.

* industrial areas and hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, clinics.

* private homes, villas, apartments, bathroom, kitchen.

* school, kindergarten, a large lecture hall, computer room, Internet cafes, etc..

* sports venues, swimming pool, gym, billiards room, Volleyball Hall, basketball hall.

This church, hotel lobby, auditorium, restaurant, bar, cafe, music hall.

* brand stores: brand clothing stores, 4S stores, jewelry stores, etc..

* public places: shopping malls, theme parks, airports, subway, exchange, museum, art museum, library, art exhibition, beauty salon etc..

* sales offices model rooms, clubs, leisure club etc..

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Established in 2001,  Shanghai DER New Material Co., Ltd is PVC strech ceiling film manufacturer and trader specialized in the research, development and production of backlit vinyl. We are located in Shanghai, with convenient transportation access. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

If you are interested in any of our backlit film, or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.


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