PVC Medical Tarpaulin material

PVC textured tarpaulin for medical use, PVC laminated tarpaulin 300D*500D, DERFLEX supply PVC tarpaulin for different kinds of application.

Product Details

The PVC medical tarpaulin material requires:

1. Long lifetime durance:

2. anti-mildew: Because of the indoor humid environment in the hospital

3. Antibacterial: the bed is directly contacted with the skin of the patient.

4. No toxic, without heavy metal to do harm to the patient.


DERFLEX PVC coated fabric tarpaulin rolls for medical:

1. different gram:  280gsm,340gsm, 440gsm, 550gsm,650gsm, 7540gsm ...All weight is possible,

2. Different fabric size: 500D, 1000D, 300D*500D

3. DERFLEX tarpaulin can reach European 6P standard. Which promised the safety

4. factory price and consistent quality.

5. Life durability: 5-10 years indoor use.


Main Products:


1000D*1000D, 4.5*4.5, 320gsm, transparent

DG23: 200D*300D, 18*12, 550gsm,


DERFLEX PVC tarpaulin material is good welded with Leister Plastic hot air gun, Extrusion welding gun, Automatic welding machine. 


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