Roof TPO Waterproof Membrane System Sheet

PVC Waterproof Membrane Product Manufacturer The water leakage problem is solved: Poor quality is easy to break, Bottom of adhesion, easy to fall off, The material is not good, easy to crack and age

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Roof TPO Waterproof Membrane System Sheet

 Derflex waterproof membrane

PVC waterproof membrane, also known as polyester fiber reinforced polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproof membrane, is a thermoplastic PVC membrane.

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TPO waterproof membrane
Elongation at break200 (%)
RankFirst level
Compressive strengthStrong
Tensile Strength Strong
Tear strengthStrong


Waterproof categoryPVC waterproof membranes
specification1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm    grey, white, with cloth, blank bare


The water leakage problem is solved by top waterproofing:
Poor quality is easy to break,
Bottom of adhesion, easy to fall off,
The material is not good, easy to crack and age

Good waterproof performance, light weight, support customization

Reassured quality, four seasons construction, fast air-drying, simple construction

Waterproof coating


TPO waterproof membrane specifications used widely in below:


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CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY of tpo sheet membrane:

1. Pre-laying treatment: The surface of metal hardware should be cleaned of oil and rust.
2. Then scrub the paved surface with thinner or thinner.
3. If you are not afraid of high temperature waterproofing membrane, you need to use the matching

    thinner to adjust the thickness and thinness of the waterproofing membrane. The thinner is a special thinner.
4. Laying method: Special self-adhesive paste for laying.
5. Not afraid of high temperature waterproofing membrane drying: After the waterproofing

    membrane construction is completed, let it dry naturally at room temperature.

Butyl self-adhesive

tpo roof membranes Why DERFLEX?  


1. Derflex adhesion of waterproof membrane is more thoroughly reflected in that it can be firmly attached to the

    surface of the object and can be bonded with the material

2. The expansion and contraction of the base material at different temperatures due to cold and heat can be prevented

3. Good waterproof performance, four seasons construction, thick material, long life, quality assured

4. The construction is convenient, time-saving and labor-saving

PVC waterproof membrane

50 knitting and woven  machines to make top roof membrane system fabrics;

4 coating machines for PVC  coating;

400-500 workers 24 hours  in production (2 swifts)

15 engineers to research  new products and technologies to meet customer requirement. 


Perforated PU leather




Samples: Free top membrane/ top roofing membranes samples available, at customer's DHL account

Quality Guarantee: Any quality problem during guarantee period would be solved ASAP.

Familiar with market hot items,  also new products updated for you

Further questions top membrane installation/ top membrane price,  welcome to contact Derflex!

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