Super Clear Tarpaulin Sheet

Super clear PVC flexible sheet, PVC transparent tarpaulin, can be used as transparent bags, sunshine shed....

Product Details

    Calendered film prepared by calendering, calender is heated by PVC plastic roller clearance level rotation of one or more pairs of opposite, so that the material under compression, extension, into a certain thickness, width and thickness of the product surface smooth process. Characterized by high yield, good quality. But the process equipment is complex and the investment is large. The thickness of the soft calendering film is generally less than 0.25mm, and the plasticizer content is more than 25phr. PVC calendered film occupies an important position in the plastic film, the cover, Salt fields industrial packaging, electrical insulation, pneumatic products, advertising light boxes, waterproofing, commodity packaging, etc. have a wide range of applications.

   Super Clear PVC sheets can be applied to produce transparent bags, for regular packaging.

super clear PVC tarpaulin
PVC transparent tarpaulin rolls


transparent bag
Transparent bag for packaging

DERFLEX PVC transparent tarpaulin rolls:

  1. Good flexibility.

  2. good light transmission, for this reason, it's good performance applying in sunshine shed.

  3. Factory price. DERFLEX is professional tarpaulin factory in China for PVC film.

Product discription:

Super clear PVC film: Thickness 0.2-0.8mm, transparent, Roll size 1.5m*50M;

MOQ: 40 rolls

Production time: 20 workdays

Shipping: By sea


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