Swimming Pool PVC Liners

The Swimming Pool Liner is made of renewable PVC membrane and is manufactured by the internationally leading production process of calendaring and scraping. There are high-density and high-strength reinforcing ribs in the middle. Plastic Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner is wear-resistant, durable, tasteless, and does not contain Volatile matter, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, non-parasitic bacteria, recyclable, green and environmentally friendly.

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The Swimming Pool Liner is made of renewable PVC membrane and is manufactured by the internationally leading production process of calendaring and scraping. There are high-density and high-strength reinforcing ribs in the middle. Plastic Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner is wear-resistant, durable, tasteless, and does not contain Volatile matter, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, non-parasitic bacteria, recyclable, green and environmentally friendly. The Waterproof Swimming Pool Liner is treated with anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet technology, which has strong weather resistance.  can be used inside swimming pools and can completely replace swimming pool tiles, swimming pool mosaics and waterproof coatings.

Swimming Pool Liner

Above-Ground Pool Liners Structural features:

The Swimming pool vinyl liner is made of PVC synthetic membrane, the varnish protective layer provide the characters of anti-aging, easy to clean and prevents corrosion, PVC+ anti-bacterial material, low volatility plasticizer, excellent heat and cold resistance stabilizer, Anti-ultraviolet (UV), suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, unique anti-microbial additive for light and heat stable surface layer, reinforced fiber increases resistance to tearing and resists internal tension, does not deform for a long time, PVC + anti-bacterial Plasticizer with low volatility, stabilizer with excellent performance, high-efficiency fungicide to prevent microorganisms.




Swimming   Pool PVC Liners


PVC Membrane

Roll   Size



Blue,   Others







Warranty   Period

10   Years


Waterproof,   Anti-UV


ASTM   Standard

Free   Sample





All   kinds of shapes and types, the public and private pools, the indoor and outdoor   pools, including the general swimming pools, spa and all kinds   of the wall and bottom of the pool etc.

Above-Ground Pool Liners


Swimming pool vinyl liner is a waterproof material that can completely replace traditional mosaic tiles. Compared with traditional tiles, it is safer to use, more comfortable, has strong cleaning power to. It opens a new era of waterproof and environmental protection in swimming pools.

PVC swimming waterproofing membrane has high tensile strength, good elongation and good dimensional stability.

Oval Swimming Pool Liner is resistant to aging, ultraviolet rays, chemical corrosion and root penetration.

After hot welding of swimming pool plastic liners, the weld performance is good, and the weld is integrated with the base material;

Good water diffusivity, and the bottom water is easily discharged.

Perfect flexibility at low temperature and strong adaptability to temperature changes.

The light-colored surface reflects ultraviolet radiation, the surface of the swimming pool liner above ground absorbs less heat and the temperature is low.

It has a long service life, no environmental pollution, very convenient detail processing, simple and convenient maintenance, and low cost.


Swimming Pool Liner Installation instructions:

Installation tools: welding gun, hook knife, pressing wheel, tape measure, scraper, cork


>> Clean up the site, clean up, and deal with uneven or damp places;

>>Cut and lay the film according to the site

>> After the materials are arranged, make the overall squeegee, which must be even;

>> Paste the swimming pool liner pad, and weld at least 125px width between the Above-Ground Pool Liners

>>Edge closing treatment, adopt different edge closing schemes according to different structure sites

>> After doing it, check the welded parts and correct them if the welding is not in place.

wimming pool liner pad

Installation Precautions:

• Clean the site, keep it level, and ensure that the bottom and wall of the pool are bright and dry, and a special nozzle for glue film is required

• After the construction is completed, it needs to be dried for 24 hours before filling with water



Compared with traditional mosaic tiles, Mosaic swimming pool Liner has a wide range of applications. The PVC swimming pool liner is stronger. It is suitable for swimming pools of various structures and is easy to install. As a new type of environmentally friendly waterproof material, it is mainly used in swimming pools, Water parks, hot springs, landscape pools, wave pools, baths and other wading places

PVC swimming pool liner

Product Series

PVC Mosaic In-ground Vinyl Liners: 1.5mm-2.5mm *25M per roll

PVC Mosaic In-ground Vinyl Liners


Dolphin non-slip swimming pool material: 2mm*1.83M*25M per roll

Dolphin non-slip swimming pool material


Super Anti-Slip Swimming Pool Liner material: 1.5mm-2.5mm *25M per roll

Super Anti-Slip Swimming Pool Liner material


Customized printing Pool Liner Material: Customized Sizes available.

Pool Liner Material



1. Rigorously punch holes on the PVC Mosaic In-ground Vinyl Liners. Sharp objects are not allowed on the swimming pool waterproof film to prevent scratching the waterproof film. It is strictly forbidden to use metal brushes or other hard and sharp tools to clean indoor swimming pool liners

2. When treating the water quality of the swimming pool waterproof liner, the medicine should be diluted first and then put into the swimming pool, and the medicine that has not been diluted should be poured directly into the wrong operation.

3. Do not use copper sulfate cleaners for cleaning. For serious stains that are difficult to wash, use low-acid chemical cleaners.

4. When there are obvious stains on the surface of the swimming pool waterproof membrane, it should be cleaned up with special suction tools in time.

5. it should be maintained and managed in strict accordance with the current national swimming pool maintenance and management regulations and the current national swimming pool water treatment management methods.

6. For low temperature antifreeze measures, before freezing, antifreeze equipment should be placed in the swimming pool where the swimming pool waterproof film is installed. It is recommended to use the swimming pool to prevent freezing. In low temperature conditions, the pool water should be drained and the surface of the waterproof film should be cleaned in time Protect the dirt and stains on the surface.

7. When cleaning the waterproof swimming pool liner, cotton mop and professional soft brush tools should be used for cleaning to ensure the service life.


Q & A:

Q1: For 0.6 and 0.8mm Waterproof Swimming Pool Liner, what is the size of the rolls? What is the length?

Standard roll size is 1.83*30m, customized order is welcomed.


Q2: How many rolls can fit in a container?

It depends on different roll size and thickness, say roll size 1.83 * 30m and thickness 1.5m, there will be 170rolls for 1 x 20GP, if roll size 1.65 * 30m and thickness 1.5m, there will be 189 rolls for 1 x 20GP.


Q3: If you can send us some samples, tell me which model you can send for me?

Of course, we can send you different models of small cutting for free and send under customer courier a/c.


Q4: Could you tell me the usage time and why?

In general, our Swimming pool vinyl liner can be used for over 8 - 10 years, because this liner is made of two PVC films reinforced with fiberglass. the membrane in the middle guarantee best quality for many years of bathing.


Q5: Is the PVC liner stand up to sunlight?

A PVC liner covered with at least 12 inches of clean fill will last for decades. It must be protected from exposure to direct sunlight. (If the membrane must be exposed to direct sunlight, please look at other products for resistance to UV).


Q6: There are wrinkles when I lay out the liner, is that okay?

Yes, thermal contraction and expansion causes a liner to grow or shrink. The liner should be stretched over the prepared sub-grade and "pulled" taut and "relaxed" but not overstretched.

However, care should be taken to avoid wrinkles in the seam area and around mechanical attachments



Production Ability and experience

DERFLEX is professional Industrial Fabrics manufacturer in China with experience over 20 years.

50 knitting and woven machines to make fabrics;

4 coating machines for PVC coating;

400-500 workers 24 hours in production (2 swifts)

15 engineers to research new products and technologies to meet customer requirement.

Swimming pool vinyl liner


Samples: Free samples available, at customers ’DHL account

Quality Guarantee: Any quality problem during guarantee period would be solved immediately after feedback

Professional International Sales Team: 7*24hours online service. Any questions would be replied in 24 hours.

Shipping: Long term cooperation with national and international shipping agents, which ensures the product delivery at the first time.

Payment term: Customers with long-term stable cooperation would be supported with certain payment methods

DER New Material is one of the leading China swimming pool pvc liners manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are able to produce high-quality swimming pool pvc liners at competitive price, and we can always offer you products for sale. Welcome to wholesale products from us.
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