vinyl banner (PVC banners)

Vinyl banner, also called PVC banner, frontlit, backlit, etc, after vinyl banner printing is widely used for outdoor advertising. Outdoor vinyl banner is made up of PVC + polyester fabric + PVC.

Product Details

Vinyl banner, also called PVC banner, frontlit, backlit, etc, after vinyl banner printing is widely used for outdoor advertising.

Product Application

Vinyl banners are widely used for vinyl outdoor banners, backlit vinyl banner, light box, etc…mesh vinyl banner is used especially in sea town, where is windy area.

Product Advantage

Outdoor vinyl banner is made up of PVC + polyester fabric + PVC. 13 oz vinyl banner material is the most popular outdoor vinyl banners.

DERFLEX vinyl banner material is more competitive among vinyl banner manufacturers in China:

1. Cheap vinyl banner: better control in the production cost, makes more competitive price.

2. Whole production line for PVC vinyl banners: with calendars, lamination machines in factory, we make our own PVC film, and do final lamination or coating. This would lower the cost in wholesale vinyl banners.

3. Consistent quality assurance: For every production, DERLFEX would keep at least 5 meters production samples, for 2 years. If there is any complaint, we would easily found out the problem.

4. Better control in every details: No fabric comes out of the PVC, even the edge is 100% smooth; No skip thread in the polyester fabric; full size in the roll length, gram; etc…

5. DERFLEX accept any new suggestions to make products more suitable for the target market.

Product Category

- PVC frontlit banner

PVC frontlit banner is used to make the front light source light box; the transmission rate is generally between 5-10%. Frontlit banner is widely used for large vinyl banner printing outdoor, such as building billboards, high speed roadside light boxes, and city Optimums light box. Learn More>>

PVC frontlit banner
13oz banner
500D frontlit banner

PVC frontlit for billboard
frontlit for events
PVC banner for indoor decoration

- PVC backlit banner

Backlit banner is used to make the rear light source light box; the transmission rate is generally between 25-30%. PVC backlit is smaller size used for roadside signs, light box and indoor publicity boxes. Generally less than 100 sqm.Learn More>>

backlit 500D
coated backlit
backlit 18 oz

backlit banner for Outdoor lightbox
PVC Backlit for road side advertising
train station indoor advertising

- PVC mesh banner

Vinyl mesh banners is produced for the Typhoon area. the densely distributed mesh will let the wind go through the banner, which lowered the pressure of the pole. In this way, the vinyl banner printing can be longer outdoor used. Mesh banner is used for super large advertising vinyl banners and architecture advertising.Learn More>>

PVC mesh banner with liner
PVC colored mesh banner
PVC mesh banner for ecosolvent printing

PVC mesh banner for playing field fence
printed PVC mesh banner
ready made PVC mesh banner roll

- PVC blockout banner

1. black back banner is also used as frontlit pvc vinyl banners. With black film in the back, the light transmission less than 5%. In the most shining area, the black back makes the picture more visible.

2. Double side printable PVC banner is made up of 4 layers: White PVC film + black PVC film + polyester fabric yarn + white PVC film. The printable Learn More>>

black back banner 15oz
PVC blockout banner double side printable
PVC blockout banner 18oz

blockout banner for rollup
PVC blockout banner, pole banner
PVC blockout banner for outdoor advertising

Our Commitment

1. Free samples: Samples would be ready for pickup within 3 days after confirmation;

2. Fast reply: Any questions would be replied within 24 hours;

3. Quality guarantee: Any rolls different from sample confirmed would be covered by DERFLEX;


Shanghai DER New Material Co., Ltd has production area 60,000 square meter, registered with 2,5 million US dollars. 3 calendars, 3 coating machine and 5 lamination machine, 25 senior engineers and 450 workers make our factory more competitive among the banner vinyl supplies.

DERFLEX factory
DERFLEX production line

DERFLEX has whole series of QC system. At the same time, we cooperate with East China University Science and Technology, which is famous University in China, to build polymeric exploring lab. This keeps our future advantage of technology and new product exploring.

Shanghai APPP exhibition
DERFLEX valuable customers

DERFLEX valuable customers

DERFLEX has been in digital printing industry for over 15 years, has clients over 100 countries. 

We following up all our orders from the PI, production, shipping and after-sale. 

All orders with strict quality control to meet customers' requirements..

20 ft container
PVC banner hard tube packaging
customized logo and label


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